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Tennis lessons are run in a fun and learning environment with enthusiastic coaches whose main goal is to give each child a great first tennis experience. Each class has roughly 4 kids to 1 coach which allows them to fast track their learning and get as much attention as possible in a group setting. Kids tennis is a stepping stone for children to hopefully then lead to competition and further developments.

Tennis Match


Private tennis lessons are available to all players from beginners, intermediate or elite players. Private lessons are suited for players who want 1:1 technical, tactical, physical and psychological advice. It is recommended for players who want to accelerate their learning and development.  Length of sessions available: 30, 45 and 60 minutes which caters for all individuals.

Women Playing Tennis


Would you like to play with a friend, partner, or family member? This is a great way to spend some time with each other while learning a sport together. We can also pair you up with another player at your request as you will be paired up with someone with a similar level.

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We allow a maximum of 4 players per lessons in order to keep the quality of the training. It allows our coaches to individualise the advices to each one of the participants. Furthermore, we adapt all the playing conditions to the age and level of the group. We use adapted material such as balls, rackets, court size, and net height.

On Time Service

Punctuality is at the centre of our values as we respect the clients valuable time.

Long Experience

Our coaches have developed additional expertise like mental coaching, physical preparation or injury prevention fitness.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our coaches are passionated and have international experience / certifications. Some of them even are former ATP and WTA players.

Carefully planned lessons

We want our students to have fun but also train in a safe and reassuring environment.

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